John Deere Commercial Mowers

30 Apr


Deere and Company, known as John Deere, is a machinery company that was founded in 1837. John Deere is well known for producing agricultural equipment such as tractors and combines. Recently John deere has stepped into the positions of producing lawn and garden tractors and commercial lawn mowers.

John Deere Mowers:

John deere now has a vast line of weed eaters, trimmers, push mowers, verticle riding lawn mowers, lawn tractors, zero turn mowers and commercial lawn mowers available to the public.
The grade of their equipment range from the average home owner to equipment that is specifically built for the professional landscaper and engineered to stand up to everything tested.

John deer technology:

John Deere commercial grade lawn care equipment utilizes cutting edge technology to give them the advantage of the competition. At the heart of the John Deer professional grade mowers lies the legendary Kawasaki engines. Kawasaki has been building one of the top engines in the industry for years and is known for making one of the toughest, hardest working low maintenance engines in existence. The engines on the mowers range from 23 all the way up to 31 horsepower, providing plenty of power to push through even the toughest conditions. The engines also utilize an electronic fuel injection (EFI) system, which is proven more efficient than the carbureted engines. The system also allows the engine to sense when more power is needed and inject fuel accordingly. Unlike older model mowers, this assures that when the mower is idling or moving at slower speeds it is not using unnecessary amounts of fuel. This aspect proves to be very important to companies when choosing mowers as the mowers are able to obtain better fuel economy and run longer on a single tank of gas.

Another unique feature available on John Deere commercial mowers is the mulch on demand system (MOD). This system is very useful and essential to landscapers. The system consist of a series of pullies and baffles under the deck of the mower. When a lever is pulled the baffles engage and close off the chute of the mower, keeping the cut grass clipping from being blown out the side of the deck as usual. By using this system, landscapers are able to go around flowerbeds, sidewalks, cars and windown without having to worry about spraying grass clipping all over or throwing a rock and damaging a customers property. With this unique characteristic, time and energy that would once be spent blowing off sidewalks and cleaning out flowerbeds can now be devoted to other task.

John Deere professional grade mowers also use the legendary 7Iron deck system. This system is stamped from a single piece of ultra strong 7 gauge steel. Unlike traditional decks that are cut and welded, with the 7Iron deck being made from a single sheet of steel, strength and durability are increased exponentially. This means no more worrying about hitting that unmarked stump and ruining your deck by breaking the welds. The 7Iron deck is one of the toughest in the industry and is sure to stand up to any challenge.

Why do landscapers continuously choose John Deere products over other brands?

Year after year professional landscapers continuously choose John Deere products over other brands for many reasons. John deer mowers are some of the best machinery being produced right now and utilize cutting edge technology. John Deere mowers are also some of the fastest mowers in the industry, which cuts down on cutting time and allows the crew to move onto other projects, therefore making more money. JD mowers are backed by the legendary name and warranty, 1500 hours guaranteed on all professional grade mowers. Most of all, professional keep coming back to John Deere products for one reason; they just plain work. Deere mowers are some of the toughest and long lasting machines in the industry, while other mowers are in the shop getting repairs done, John Deer mowers are out getting the job done and bringing in revenue.


John Deere has been one of the leading manufactures in the agricultural world for over 175 years. John Deere sales have exploded with the introduction of commercial lawn care equipment, and rightfully so. John Deere makes some of the toughest equipment and utilizes state of the art technology, it is no wonder they are the leading seller in yet another industry.

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